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As is known, professionalism in the practice of sporting activity, the player engages regularly to make a financial return according to contracts, the terms of which are agreed upon in advance. And the professional contract is a contract a fixed period under which the player undertakes to submit to the contracting sports club with him all of his time (or part of it in terms of partial professionalism) and his technical and physical abilities For a certain agreed-upon wage and most importantly, we know that if the customer encounters Problems in this area of law must be dealt with expertise and professionalism Our goal is to provide fast, accurate and equally important advice with taking into account the professional rights of the player in line with the development and global standards of professionalism.

We can advise on sports law and professional contracts as follows:

  • Player contracts
  • Club trademark protection
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Rights to transfer matches and sporting events
  • Representing individual athletes and sports entities

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