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Aisha Al Tenaiji

I say the law should be blind to race, gender and sexual orientation, just as it claims to be blind to wealth and power. There should be no specially protected groups of any kind, except for children, the severely disabled and the elderly, whose physical frailty demands society’s care.

Aisha Al Tenaiji

Aisha Al Tenaiji

Founder and CEO of Aisha Al Tenaiji Advocates and Legal Consultants

Aisha Rashid Al-Tenaiji is an Emirati lawyer, holder of Bachelor of Laws from United Arab Emirates University and she, currently, studies Masters in Sports Law. She has a 15 years’ experience in advocacy and legal consultations. Aisha Rashid Al-Tenaiji has been trained in the most prominent law firms in the United Arab Emirates, especially in the Emirate of Dubai. Consequently, she obtained an extensive experience through which she became able to be the most prominent leading lawyer in the United Arab Emirates.
Furthermore, she is a media professional who presented a lot of legal programs. She, also, has attended and made great contributions in the most important local and international conferences, including the International Labour Conference that is held in the United Nations Organization-Geneva.
Additionally, she contributed to many draft laws and their amendments, including for example the Law Regulating the Legal Profession, Juveniles Law as well as sports laws and regulations.


Licensed lawyer before all courts of the United Arab Emirates with all its differents degrees.

Awards, Certificates and Shields

Obtained the Distinguished Lawyer Award.

Completed the “Introduction to the Legal Research of Leading Ideas“ as well as the written, oral, and entrepreneurial pleadings in professional training and development (WIL Power).

Obtained the Middle East CEO Excellence Award

Obtained more than 40 shields, from various local and international bodies, during her career and work in advocacy.

Most Important Memberships

Chairperson of the council of Emirate Women Lawyers at Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal.

Former Member in Dubai Courts Advisory Council.

Former Chairperson of Players’ Conditions and Transfers Committee at United Arab Emirates Football Association.

Former Member in Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal.

Former Member in Lawyers Admission Committee at the Ministry of Justice.

Member in the Labor Dispute Settlement Committee at Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization.


It gives me great pleasure to present to you our Firm. Dubai being the Middle East Hub and an ideal place for many to live, it requires proper legal guidance in all aspects for corporate, financial institutions, and family and individuals. We are excited to bring you a range of Legal Services for your easy and challenging times. I hope you will provide us an opportunity to serve you. We aspire to be a leading element of the most elite law firms, advising national and multinational corporations. I wish all the best to my team for their endeavor in taking care of our valued clients both in UAE & international.

Chairman’s Message

The struggle journey may encounter lots of difficulties but with will, ambition and setting goals nothing is impossible.
You alone can make something of yourself out of nothing and you have the ability to do beautiful and important achievements in your life serving yourself & your community.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become the top legal company in the United Arab Emirates, establishing new benchmarks for legal excellence. We work hard to provide creative, client-focused legal solutions that satisfy the changing demands of our wide range of clients.

Our Mission

We aim to offer the best legal services to people and companies in the United Arab Emirates. To safeguard our client's rights and interests, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards while providing specialized legal advice and representation.

Core Values

Our practice's pillars are integrity, excellence, and a client-centered approach. Sincerity, uncompromising quality, and placing our clients first are the cornerstones of all we do. These principles direct our staff to provide outstanding legal services and build confidence within the legal community.

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