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Comprehensive Debt Collection Services in the UAE

In the dynamic landscape of the United Arab Emirates, debt recovery is a crucial aspect of maintaining financial stability for both individuals and businesses. As a leading Debt Collection Service Provider in the UAE, our commitment extends beyond borders, catering to both local and international clients. With a specialised focus on individual, corporate, and industrial sectors, as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), we offer unparalleled debt recovery services that transcend industry boundaries.

Why Choose Arbitration?

Traditional litigation is advantageously replaced by arbitration, which offers both individuals and businesses a number of advantages. Due to its quickness, informality, and affordability, it is a popular choice for resolving conflicts. Aisha Al Tenaiji and her team are skilled at using arbitration to produce favorable outcomes for our clients because they have a thorough understanding of the intricate legal system in the United Arab Emirates. You may rely on us to resolve the issues amicably and offer efficient, client-centered arbitration options.


Individual Debt Recovery

Our expertise in individual debt recovery involves a personalised approach to understanding the unique circumstances of each case.We employ tactful communication strategies to negotiate favourable repayment plans, ensuring a fair resolution for both parties.


Corporate Debt Recovery

Catering to the diverse needs of corporate clients,our services encompass recovering outstanding debts from companies,tailoring strategies to suit the intricacies of corporate financial structures.


Industrial Debt Recovery

Industries often face large-scale debts, and our specialised industrial debt recovery services address the complex challenges associated with this sector. We strategize to recover outstanding payments while preserving business relationships.


SME Debt Recovery

Recognizing the vital role SMEs play in the UAE economy, we offer bespoke debt recovery solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Macro Level Debt Recovery


International Debt Recovery

Our international debt recovery services extend our expertise beyond the UAE, facilitating the recovery of debts from clients located abroad. We navigate legal intricacies and leverage international networks to ensure efficient debt recovery.


Cross-Industry Debt Recovery

Some debts span multiple industries, requiring a comprehensive approach. Our cross-industry debt recovery services involve collaboration across sectors, ensuring a holistic strategy for recovery.

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However, Aishalawyer is unique in that it is tailored, specialized, and transparent.

The ability of being able to handle the cross border debit recovery is facilitated by our wide international reach and capabilities.

It involves making agreements, law suits where possible, and ensuring effective engagement and sharing of information with all clients.

Tailored support for SME’s by Aishalawyer through addressing particular challenges they face and offering adequate remedies.

Specialised experience in several sectors enables us to address every industry’s unique problems.

Our Role in Debt Recovery

Legal Expertise

Being a Law firm, we are leading debt collection service provider, we have a dedicated legal team well-versed in UAE's legal frameworks. This ensures that our debt recovery processes adhere to local laws and regulations.

Negotiation and Communication

Effective negotiation and communication are at the core of our approach. We employ skilled professionals to engage with debtors, fostering a cooperative environment that encourages prompt and fair resolutions.

Technology Integration

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our debt recovery services are streamlined and efficient. We utilise advanced tracking systems and data analytics to enhance our success rates in recovering outstanding debts.

Customised Strategies

Every debt recovery case is unique, and we understand the importance of tailored strategies. Our team assesses each situation individually, devising customised plans that maximise the likelihood of successful recovery.

In the diverse and thriving economic landscape of the UAE, our Debt Collection Services stand as a beacon of reliability and expertise. Whether at the micro or macro level, our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive the best possible debt recovery solutions. By navigating the intricacies of individual, corporate, industrial, SME, international, and government debt recoveries, we contribute to the financial stability and growth of businesses and individuals alike, solidifying our position as the leading Debt Collection Service Provider in the UAE

Why Choose Aishalawyer for Debt Collection Services?


Aisha Al Tenaiji is an expert who has a thorough understanding of UAE law and a wealth of knowledge in Debt Collection proceedings. Her team's superior legal expertise guarantees clients first-rate representation.

Tailored Solutions

We recognize the individuality of each case and take a personalized approach to provide solutions that fit our clients' particular needs and goals.


We are steadfastly committed to moving the Debt Collection along quickly so that you can save significant time and money while still receiving the greatest level of justice and due process.


Because we place the utmost value on your privacy, we promise that all Debt Collection processes will be conducted in complete secrecy and discretion.


Aisha Al Tenaiji and her team have a track record of successfully representing clients in Debt Collection proceedings, regularly producing positive outcomes. Our focus is on your success.

Put your faith in Aisha Al Tenaiji and her hardworking staff at Aishalawyer when it comes to Debt Collection your issues in the United Arab Emirates. To find out how we can help you resolve your legal issues quickly and fairly, get in touch with us right away.

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