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Family Law Services in the UAE - AishaLawyer

AishaLawyer, is the United Arab Emirates’ go-to resource for complete family law services. Aisha AI Tenaiji and her passionate staff are committed to helping you navigate the complexity of family law and provide individualized solutions to uphold your rights and safeguard your family’s future.

Our Family Law Services

We at AishaLawyer are aware of families’ particular and frequently delicate difficulties. To meet your unique needs, we provide a variety of family law services:


Separation and Divorce

Our staff can help you navigate the divorce procedure, make sure your rights are upheld, and work towards a mutually agreeable outcome wherever feasible. Both disputed and uncontested divorces are areas of competence for us.


Child Custody and Support

In order to protect your children’s best interests, we provide advice on child custody arrangements, visiting privileges, and child support issues. Our experts will assist you in negotiating fair and reasonable conditions for spousal support (alimony), whether you are requesting or fighting it. Protect your assets and financial interests with prenuptial or postnuptial agreements that are legally enforceable and customized to your particular scenario.



Whether you’re adopting a kid or considering adopting a stepchild, Aisha Lawyer can help you with the adoption process.


Domestic abuse

If you or a loved one is a victim of domestic abuse, we can assist you in obtaining protective orders and pursuing the legal protection you need.


Division of Marital Property and Assets

Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in dividing your marital property and assets while guaranteeing an equal distribution in conformity with UAE legislation.


Family Business Matters

If you are going through a divorce and manage a family-owned business, our legal experience includes defending your business interests.

Why Choose AishaLawyer?


With years of expertise in UAE family law, Aisha AI Tenaiji and her team will provide excellent legal advice.

Personalized Service

We are aware that every family has unique needs. Aisha Lawyer provides specialized solutions that consider your unique demands and objectives.


We prioritize the highest caution in processing your concerns since we know how delicate family law situations may be.

Local understanding

We can help you through the complexities of the legal system and guarantee compliance with local laws thanks to our extensive understanding of UAE family law.

A Compassionate Approach

Aisha Lawyer provides legal competence and emotional assistance as she works with you to navigate difficult situations.

Contact AishaLawyer Today

Contact Aisha Lawyer if you are dealing with family law concerns in the UAE. Aisha AI Tenaiji and her team aim to protect your rights and secure the best solution for your family. Please make an appointment for a consultation with us immediately to resolve your family law issues.


Aisha Al Tenaiji is an expert in family law, handling cases including divorce, child custody, adoption, and disagreements over inheritance.

In these delicate situations, Ms. Al Tenaiji prioritizes the well-being of all parties involved using a compassionate and client-focused approach.

To minimize the necessity for drawn-out legal disputes, she has expertise in mediation and negotiation.

She is skilled at developing plans that balance defending her clients’ rights in custody disputes with the child’s best interests in mind.

She can help with issues involving jurisdictional complications and has expertise with intricate international family law disputes.

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