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You may get professional Labour Law services in the United Arab Emirates at Aishalawyer, your one-stop shop. Our hardworking team of attorneys, led by Aisha Al Tenaiji, is devoted to meeting all of your employment-related issues with thorough and trustworthy legal assistance.

Aishalawyer - Your Trusted Partner

Aishalawyer is led by Aisha Al Tenaiji, a seasoned attorney with years of practice in labor law. She’s a perfect partner for employment-related legal concerns because of her deep understanding of labor rights and her passion for the field.

Our Entire Labor Law Services


Legal Advice

Do you require expert advice because you are having problems at work? We address your concerns with professional guidance and solutions from our legal consultation service.


Contracts for Employment

It is vital that you are aware of your responsibilities and rights as an employee. To make sure employment contracts are just and comply with the law, we help with their drafting and review.


Termination and Conflicts

Aishalawyer will stand up for your rights in any employment termination or issue, working toward just conclusions.


Visas and Permits for Work

It can be difficult to navigate the complexities of work permits and visas in the United Arab Emirates. Your team at Aisha Al Tenaiji can assist you with any associated legal matters.


Employees' Rights

Recognize your rights as a UAE employee. In order to safeguard and preserve your employment rights, we provide advice and legal assistance.


Employer Requirements

Employers have some responsibilities as well. We assist companies in realizing and fulfilling their legal obligations.

Why Choose Aishalawyer?

Unmatched Knowledge

We at Aishalawyer are well-versed in UAE labor law and stay up to date on any new developments. We are unparalleled in our skills.

Customized Solutions

We offer individualized solutions, making sure that the optimal legal strategy is used and that your particular circumstances are taken into consideration.

Client-Centered Approach

We put our clients' interests first, working to find practical solutions that satisfy their demands.

Outstanding Track Record

In labor law cases, Aisha Al Tenaiji and her colleagues have a track record of effectively defending clients.

When it comes to labor law services in the United Arab Emirates, Aishalawyer headed by Aisha Al Tenaiij is your go-to partner. We are well-equipped to handle a wide range of employment-related legal concerns since we have a team of committed professionals and we are committed to excellence.


Our professional advice and support are available to both employers seeking direction and employees seeking justice. To help you get the greatest legal results, get in contact with us right now.

To fulfill your legal concern, fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Wrongful termination, contract disputes, and the defense of employee rights are just a few of the many labor law matters in which Ms. Al Tenaiji specializes.

She ensures equitable treatment and defends workers’ rights by confronting unfair workplace practices by providing strategic counsel and legal representation.

She offers advice and support to safeguard her clients’ interests while examining, creating, and negotiating employment contracts.

To handle hostile work environments or workplace harassment, Ms. Al Tenaiji provides legal advice and counsel and pursues the necessary remedies under labor regulations.

Under labor laws, she helps customers pursue claims for underpaid pay or incorrect overtime compensation and settle salary disputes.

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