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Your interests will be safeguarded, and your rights respected in the intricate and constantly changing realm of maritime law thanks to the assistance of Aisha Al Tenaiji and her knowledgeable legal team.

Why Choose Aishalawyer for Maritime Law Services?

Aisha Al Tenaiji has a plethora of knowledge in marine law. She has successfully handled several cases and provided clients with advice on shipping, admiralty, and maritime trade issues.

Comprehensive Maritime Services

Our staff provides a wide array of services, such as:


Admiralty and Shipping Law

We offer knowledgeable legal advice on issues involving collisions, marine casualties, ship finance, and vessel arrest.


Marine Insurance

In the event of damage or loss, our experts can help resolve marine insurance claims and ensure you get the due amount.


Cargo Claims

We will try to safeguard your interests if you have disagreements over cargo damage, loss, or misdelivery.


Towing and Salvage

Aishalawyer provides advice on towing and salvage contracts, ensuring that your rights are protected in these arrangements.


Environmental Compliance

In a time when environmental rules are becoming more stringent, we can offer advice on how to comply with national and local environmental laws and regulations. Various maritime contracts and agreements are drafted, reviewed, and negotiated with our assistance to safeguard your interests.


Local Knowledge

Thanks to our in-depth familiarity with the marine environment in the United Arab Emirates, we can offer specialized advice specifically catered to the distinctive legal system in the area.


Client-Centric Approach

At Aishalawyer, we put our customer’s interests first, and our strategy is distinguished by individualized care, transparent communication, and a dedication to obtaining favorable results.


Effective Dispute Resolution

Regarding maritime issues, our team excels in arbitration, litigation, and mediation, employing a tactical strategy to settle disagreements quickly.


Global Perspective

Although we primarily represent customers in the UAE, our worldwide perspective enables us to solve global marine issues. This gives us a flexible option for all of your maritime law requirements.

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You can depend on Aishalawyer’s commitment to protecting your marine interests when you hire us to handle your maritime law needs. We are your partners as you navigate the complex seas of maritime law, providing solid advice, clever solutions, and a dedication to upholding your rights.
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Ship collisions, cargo disputes, maritime contracts, and marine insurance are just a few of the topics that Ms. Al Tenaiji handles.

In addition to providing legal advice, she assists with insurance claims, investigations, and disputes involving ships and boats on behalf of her customers.

Yes, she is skilled in addressing matters on international maritime law, such as cross-border conflicts, and observing international laws.

She helps clients design, analyze, and negotiate marine contracts to guarantee compliance and safeguard their interests.

She represents clients in legal matters, using her expertise in marine law to settle conflicts involving cargo through mediation or court action.

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