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We offer a range of online services to cater to your legal requirements, ensuring that you receive expert guidance and support every step of the way.

Your Legal Allies, Our Commitment

Dubai’s Aisha Al Tenaiji Advocate & Legal Consultant is a full-service legal practice. They are committed partners in resolving your legal issues, not just legal professionals. Their dedication lies on offering resolute assistance and direction throughout an extensive array of legal domains.

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Who We Are?

Aisha Al Tenaiji Advocate and Legal Consultant is a comprehensive law firm based in Dubai with experienced lawyers specializing in a wide range of legal areas. Based in the heart of Dubai, the firm has achieved significant success and built a strong reputation following a simple goal: to provide clients with clear, concise, and unambiguous legal advice.

Appeal Memorandum

Please get in touch with Aisha Al Tenaiji, if you are looking forward to receiving Legal Advice Online. Our dedicated and licensed lawyers in the UAE will directly handle your Memorandum.

Mail Consultation

Aisha Al Tenaiji offers the best and the most  affordable way for receiving Online Legal Advice. Our proficient, and licensed lawyers in the UAE will give you the best guidance and advice.

Telephonic Consultation

You can reach out to a lawyer after completing the form and payment. But, if you are too busy, or if you are out of the country, then you can choose our Telephonic Consultation.

Legal Notice/Reply Notice

Aisha Al Tenaiji offers the best and the most affordable way for receiving Online Legal Advice. Our profcient, and licensed lawyers in the UAE will give you the best guidance and advice


Arbitration Services

With a primary focus on arbitration, Aishalawyer provides complete legal services throughout the United Arab Emirates. For our clients, Aisha Al Tenaiji and her devoted staff are committed to enabling quick and easy arbitration procedures. Because of our proficiency in this particular area, we are excellent at settling conflicts and guarantee prompt and equitable settlements. You can rely on us to help you through the nuances of UAE law and to provide customized arbitration solutions that are suited to your particular requirements. For trustworthy arbitration services that yield outcomes, use Aishalawyer.

Banking and Finance Legal Services

Our team at AishaLawyer knows how challenging it may be to guide the UAE’s complex banking and financial laws. Lead by Aisha Al Tenaiji, our committed staff is here to offer you knowledgeable legal advice so you may safeguard your interests and make wise decisions in the ever-changing world of banking and finance.

Corporate and Commercial Law Services

In the United Arab Emirates, are you in need of professional legal advice for your business or commercial matters? You only need to look to Aisha Al Tenaiji and her committed staff at AishaLawyer. We will explore AishaLawyer’s corporate and commercial law services in-depth in this lengthy post to help you see why they are the industry leaders in this area.

Criminal Law Services

Aisha Al Tenaiji and her committed staff at Aishalawyer are a pillar of confidence and knowledge when it comes to criminal law services in the busy United Arab Emirates legal setting. Aishalawyer offers excellent legal services throughout the United Arab Emirates, driven by a strong commitment to protecting justice and safeguarding the rights of all people.

Estates and Wills Services (For Muslims and Non-Muslims) Services

Welcome to Aishalawyer, the go-to place in the United Arab Emirates for complete Estates and Wills services. Whether you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim resident of the UAE, Aisha AI Tenaiji and her committed staff are determined to give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that comes with a well-structured and legally sound estate and will plan.

Family Law Services

AishaLawyer, is the United Arab Emirates’ go-to resource for complete family law services. Aisha AI Tenaiji and her passionate staff are committed to helping you navigate the complexity of family law and provide individualized solutions to uphold your rights and safeguard your family’s future.

Labour Law Services

When it comes to labor law services in the United Arab Emirates, Aishalawyer headed by Aisha Al Tenaiij is your go-to partner. We are well-equipped to handle a wide range of employment-related legal concerns since we have a team of committed professionals and we are committed to excellence.

Litigation Law Services

Proper legal advice and counsel are essential while dealing with legal issues. Operating under the AishaLawyer brand, Aisha Al Tenaiji provides excellent litigation law services in the United Arab Emirates with her committed staff.

Maritime Law Services

Your interests will be safeguarded, and your rights respected in the intricate and constantly changing realm of maritime law thanks to the assistance of Aisha Al Tenaiji and her knowledgeable legal team.

Insurance Law Services

Aishalawyer, your dedicated source for expert Insurance Law services in the United Arab Emirates. Aisha Al Tenaiji and her proficient legal team are committed to safeguarding your insurance-related interests and ensuring you receive the legal guidance and support you need in the intricate realm of insurance law.

Property Law Services

Aishalawyer is aware of the significance of appropriate will preparation and estate planning. It’s not only about managing your money; it’s also about protecting your family’s future and ensuring your intentions are carried out. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to assisting you as you negotiate the complexity of estates and wills. We are well-versed in the nuances of the UAE legal system.

Sports Cases & Professional Contract Services

In the United Arab Emirates, Aishalawyer is your go-to source for knowledgeable legal assistance in sports cases and professional contracts. Aisha Al Tenaiji and her committed staff are available to offer thorough legal advice to athletes, sports organizations, and professionals needing direction in this challenging and constantly changing area of the law.

News and Updates

For hard work and efforts, Aisha Al-Tenaiji won prize “Distinguished Lawyer Award”

Aisha Rashid Al-Tenaiji is one of the most successful and renowned Emirati Woman Lawyers in the UAE. The hard work and efforts that she has put in have seriously paid off. She works with the vision of handling all the cases reliably and effectively. Aisha has made it clear that with a will, ambition, and

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