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Protecting Your Game, Preserving Your Legacy

In the United Arab Emirates, Aishalawyer is your go-to source for knowledgeable legal assistance in sports cases and professional contracts. Aisha Al Tenaiji and her committed staff are available to offer thorough legal advice to athletes, sports organizations, and professionals needing direction in this challenging and constantly changing area of the law.

Our Services


Sports Contracts

It may be challenging to navigate the world of sports contracts. To safeguard your interests, we help players, coaches, and other sports professionals negotiate, evaluate, and draught contracts. We ensure that your agreement’s conditions are reasonable and in accordance with applicable laws.


Dispute Resolution

Sports competitions can lead to disagreements. Aishalawyer excels at resolving conflicts with sports, particularly those involving contracts, disciplinary actions, and problems with sponsorship and endorsement deals. Our goal is to safeguard your interests and reputation.


Regulatory Compliance

In the sports sector, adherence to national and international rules is essential. We provide direction on doping policies, player eligibility, and adherence to laws set out by sports governing organisations.


Athlete Representation

Sportspeople require a zealous defender to uphold their rights. Aishalawyer provides thorough counsel for athletes, assisting them in making decisions regarding their contracts, sponsorships, and professional careers.


Sports Organizations

Our legal services may benefit sports organisations of all sizes, from clubs to governing bodies. In order to help organizations run smoothly and effectively, we offer assistance with governance concerns, contract negotiations, compliance problems, and dispute resolution.


Consultation and Education

Our staff is committed to informing our clients about the legal ramifications of their line of work. We offer educational and advisory services to ensure you know your rights and duties.

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Ms. Al Tenaiji deals with doping accusations, athlete contracts, sports-related issues, disciplinary procedures, and player and team representation.

She offers legal advice and negotiates and draughts contracts to guarantee equitable conditions, uphold athletes’ rights, and maximize their interests.

Yes, she protects the professional interests of athletes and represents them in conflicts, seeking equitable remedies through negotiation or litigation.

Her proficiency in sports law, comprehension of the subtleties of the industry, and commitment to representing athletes set her apart in the professional contract services field.

Yes, she represents individual athletes and sports organizations in court and offers specialized legal services to suit their demands.

Why Choose Aishalawyer?

For several strong reasons, Aishalawyer is your top choice for sports law services.
Aisha Al Tenaiji is a highly skilled sports lawyer in the United Arab Emirates who is well-versed in the nuances of sports law, contracts, and rules. She has handled various matters effectively because of her significant knowledge.

Customized Solutions

Our staff knows that each client's scenario is different. Whether you are an athlete, a sports organization, or a professional, we offer individualized legal counsel and solutions to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Support

We provide a wide range of services, including contract preparation and negotiation, dispute settlement, regulatory compliance, and more. We know to help all parties involved in the sports sector, including players, coaches, agents, and sports organizations.

Local Knowledge

Your counsel will be both legally solid and culturally sensitive, considering the region's unique characteristics, thanks to Aisha Al Tenaiji's extensive understanding of the legal system in the UAE.

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